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Model Behaviour in the Office for FASHIONWEEK

20 January 2009

The CMPR/FASHIONWEEK offices were jam-packed with beauties and beaux last week as we saw over 100 models, all hoping to be part of the action during the season's premiere fashion event. Both girls and guys travelled from all across Ireland for their quick casting auditions in front of the panel which consisted of the FASHIONWEEK ladies as well as make up maestro Paddy McGurganand a man who knows model talent when he sees it - Mr Showbiz, Paul Martin from the Daily Mirror.

What a fantastic turn out we had; the hopefuls were lined up in a queue that flowed out the door and into the main foyer! Lots of fresh new faces auditioned, and, used to being the first on the fashion block, we always love to snap these new guys up before they go anywhere else. And as well as the new looks, we have also optioned some really gorgeous familiar faces who will become the cherries on top of our FASHIONWEEK cake!

The event itself is really shaping up, it's FASHIONWEEK's 5th birthday so there will be lots happening - be sure to check out to keep updated on events such as Style Sunday, which will take place on the 8th March at chic eatery Cayenne. And don't forget to register for our annual Fashion Master Classes by emailing You won't believe who's coming to town...

All our event information will be updated regularly, so keep checking the update and our blogs, to all the latest gossip for West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK 2009.

PR, The CMPR way...

09 January 2009

As consumers go crazy spending in the post-Christmas sales we've taken some time out to reassess last year's achievements and collate a list of goals for 2009.

Many consumer product companies are also re-evaluating, and taking a long, hard look at their overall marketing and communications spend for next year. Unfortunately for some the year will not be a good one, and in spite of clever communications, current market conditions (and the environmental issues which come with it) will force many companies to close.  

At CMPR however, our glass is always half full, and we fully expect to continue marketing our clients' products and services through the difficult economic conditions. History has shown those who market through a recession are quite often the ones who survive it.

Problems? Like the dreaded accountant, PR companies can help in crisis times too. We can help inform all your publics (customers, staff, suppliers, stakeholders) about changes to company policy, employment  or trading conditions as well as provide one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies around.

Effectively PR is simply managing publicity (both positive and negative) which surrounds an organisation, product, service or even person. PR's are often tasked with the challenge of boosting the positivity surrounding a company through many press channels; making sure its publics are aware of the work it does, who/what it represents and how it can be advantageous to its target market.

ALSO REMEMBER - PR doesn't cost the earth

Engaging in a PR campaign and working with the press is a vital process - sometimes resulting in the press coming back to you as an authority in your field or industry for comment on news stories etc. The greatest advantage to PR is that there is no great cost to supply a story to the newspaper, which will inevitably raise your company's profile. The only cost is in staff time if its done internally, or agency fees for time and copywriting if you don't have the resources internally. A story in a national paper is worth thousands of pounds if measured against same space cost in advertising terms. And as stories are often written by independent and objective journalists, the readers (or viewers) may be more likely to trust the material or even look at it in the first place.

PR doesn't have to be complicated: Our key tip for 2009: Get to know the media or employ an agency which understands your business and knows your target audiences and their media
The media is a powerful tool, however journalists can be overworked, underpaid and working late hours to get stories into the papers each week. Stay on their good side by making sure your proposed story angle is interesting, relevant and newsworthy. In practical terms, ensure copy is supplied on time (deadlines are precious) and that it is not the same as anyone else's, in fact exclusives are always preferred. Pictures are powerful, but don't waste time on gimmick-y pictures if your target publication is a high brow journal. Think cleverly - or employ an agency which does. In the world of social networking, ensure your wiki's, social sites and websites are all up to date and that someone in your company is watching the web for bloggers who blog in your industry. Engage with them - they can be great tools for market research, however don't spend 24/7 with them and end up forgetting your product!

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