Wayne Denner

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Wayne Denner set up Ireland's first Social Network platform in the early noughties before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace.  He is a renowned Speaker, Educator,Author and Entrepreneur, known for his engaging personal approach. His messages are dynamic and inspiring, connecting with both young People and Adults. 

He speaks to thousands of young people, educators,practitioners and parents on Online, Social and Mobile topics each year, and is releasing his next book 'Your Kids Online Rep Matters' in January 2014. Wayne is an experienced Host, Keynote Speaker and Compere for events recently hosting VOYPIC's Annual Conference in Derry, City of Culture 2013. Wayne regularly contributes to Government and charitable bodies and is a recognised on-air expert for media outlets such as BBC & UTV.  

Wayne has quickly established an international reputation as a youth communications expert and offers inspirational and motivational talks and advice to young people and those who work with them on 'Making Good Choices Online' & 'Online Reputation'