Angie Best

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Just as an actor may never shake his finest character role, so too may Angie Best forever remain best known for her marriage to soccer legend, George Best.

And yet, this independent, creative and witty 50-something has a list of credentials and achievements that far outshine her synonymous 8-year marriage to George.

She is an accomplished author of health and lifestyle books; having recently joined forces with The Harley Medical Group to publish the 'Best Cosmetic Surgery Diet and Exercise Plan'.  However, her current project; a magazine for 'girls' over 50, aptly titled 'The Best Kept' will fill a much needed niche in the publishing world and mark an ambition and ethos very close to Angie's heart: Life, for women over 50 is only just beginning!!

As a highly respected fitness instructor, Angie has been responsible for helping celebrities, musicians and athletes keep healthy, fit and look fabulous on screen.  Most notably, Angie's expertise has kept the eternally beautiful Cher at the top of her game for more than three decades!   Add to that her expertise in producing and starring in her own workout videos and her countless appearances on Sky, The Lifestyle Channel and Europa Cable Television and you have a sharp and polished business woman. 

Angie's love of animals is international!  At home, by the river in Kew, London, Angie walks her beloved rescue dogs; amongst them a feisty and adorable Jack Russell called Chester!  At her ranch in Montana live countless rescue dogs and racehorses - a pure haven for the animals and of course Angie herself!

That 8 years�.
Angie was introduced to professional soccer player George Best while at a dinner party in Los Angeles. Suffice to say, sparks flew and the next thing she knew, she found herself in a whirl wind courtship with a man considered to be the "World's Greatest Living Soccer Player." From that point onward, the pair virtually lived in the international media spotlight, subject to all the non-stop press coverage that goes with that sort of fame. This explosive relationship became an explosive marriage, lasting eight years and producing one child, their son, Calum, now 27 years old and the most important part of Angie's life.

These days Angie remains a stunning icon; the 'poster girl' and epitome for the adage 'Life Begins at 50!