Emma-Rosa Dias

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TV Presenter, Emma-Rosa Dias is like a breath of fresh air on screen with a curiosity and enthusiasm that cannot help but be engaging.  She first amused viewers all over the world in 2000 on Channel Four’s first hit reality TV show Shipwrecked. Emma-Rosa survived the 3 months on deserted South Pacific Island by simply being herself.  Soon after returning home Channel Four invited Emma-Rosa back on to their screens as a celebrity guest on T4 and the hit reality series The Salon.

Later, while employed as a hostess in Ten Square Hotel, Belfast, Emma-Rosa was approached by a BBC producer and asked if she would like to be screen tested for a newly commissioned series. She secured the position almost immediately and became the new BBC presenter for Dinner Next Door. The series was a hit and was re-commissioned for a second series, meaning Emma-Rosa entertained us on BBC1 for over two years with her fresh and pert introductions to what varieties of food and culture that lie hidden so close to home without our previous knowledge.

Emma-Rosa is very photogenic and has modelled for Harp Lager, BT and Kodak Film and has she has also acted in the short film The Hotel Trade.  She adds an unexpected visual ethnicity to modelling, film and television in the UK and Ireland, enriching the place beyond it’s own expectations, while her tones have remained homely and familiar to listeners.  Her genuine interest in people is her special trademark.  With an appearance of pale, yet full-faced and curvaceously African beauty and natural curly hair, shining teeth and infectious laugh, Emma-Rosa endears to a wide range of viewers. Her lively intelligence makes her a real plus on any production team.