Letitia Fitzpatrick

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Letitia Fitzpatrick, a motivational speaker and conference host, has a wealth of professional and life experiences which she uses to inspire women to cope with the challenges of everyday life. 

Having worked as a journalist for the last 26 years covering the Northern Ireland Troubles, Letitia interviewed respected figures such as President Clinton, Tony Blair and Bob Geldof, reporting on murders and bombings, as well as the emerging peace process. 

Through roles at the BBC and UTV, Letitia showed discipline and motivation, working accurately to tight deadlines and meeting the challenges of impartial and sensitive reporting during some terrible situations.  She has faced life changing challenges such as being shot at, nearly standing on a blast bomb and interviewing killers and their victims.

During the busiest times of her career, Letitia’s first marriage broke up and she was immediately thrown into the role of a lone parent before she remarried and juggled the stresses of a blended family.  After surviving the dramatic changes in her home life, out of the blue, Letitia suffered a serious breakdown, and spent two months in a psychiatric hospital and another nine months off work.  During this distressing time, her second husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she nursed him for eight months until he died in her arms.

Drawing on all these difficult experiences in her speeches, Letitia describes with humour how she has overcome adversity, strengthening her character by using ten golden rules to survive life’s challenges.  She hosts conferences and awards ceremonies, chairs Question & Answer sessions, and makes after-dinner speeches as well as hosting media training.

Letitia’s clients include the Northern Ireland Hospice, Aware Defeat Depression, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Gingerbread, Playboard, the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children, the National Childbirth Trust, Women’s Tech, the Rural Women’s Network, Business 4 Business, Stress Awareness, and Women Into Business.  This impressive list gives testament to her motivational and inspirational speaking.